Training about AI

Workshops about applications of AI, the inner workings of Machine Learning, finding how to apply AI to your business cases.

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Design of pipelines and AI algorithms

Understanding the problem at hand, we deliver full AI pipelines and detail which algorithms and frameworks to use. Then, we support your developers teams in implementation.
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Turn-key AI solutions

After getting to know the goals in depth with you, we design and implement a turn-key AI system.

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  1. Together with you, we identify which problems you can solve with AI
  2. We design algorithms or pipelines to solve your problem
  3. We support your developpers team (typically over weekly calls) or we take care of the implementation


― Business mindset ―

Too often, AI scientists only have a technical mindset and are unable to deliver usable tools. We come from a perspective at the intersection of tech and business. This gives us the means to help you use cutting-edge technology for your business. Our goal is to make your AI journey a success, not just a pretty paper.

― Simple solutions ―

We love simple solutions. Simple solutions are often more robust and require less efforts to implement. We strive to find how to simplify your problem and execute within your constraints.

― Hard problem cracking ―

We love hard problems. We can help you improve an existing pipeline or assist your AI team find solutions to problems that have never been solved before.

To learn more about making your AI transformation a success, have a look at our AI for your business mini guide.

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Where do you deliver?

We are based in Switzerland, and are able to deliver worldwide over conference calls and sharing tools.

What is your usual fee structure?

We typically offer packages so you know what to expect.

Which companies do you work with?

We have been working with corporates and startups with the same quality standards.

AI is broad, what do you focus on?

We have a very high level of expertise in Computer Vision (AI for images) and hard optimization problems. Machine Learning, in particular Deep Learning, are tools for both.

I am not sure that I need such a high level of expertise

High level of expertise does not mean more cost. Top expertise means that:

AI is a buzzword

AI is trendy and the term has been misused. AI has been transforming how businesses operate, so it is more than buzzword. See real-world examples of what AI can do for your business.

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