You have read and heard about AI, and want to understand what AI is really about today and what is coming out of research labs. We like to explain things in simple language and with interactive examples so you just get it.

Examples of workshops:

Real-World business applications of AI

See how businesses accross industries are using AI for automation and new types of applications. Hear about the latest application developments in AI. This workshop can be given with a focus on a particular industry and concluded by a session to find applications of AI for your business.

Machine Learning 101

How do machines learn? When is it suitable to use Machine Learning, and when not?
Discover its principles and how it can be applied to real-world cases. You will understand the landscape of different Machine Learning tools, including supervised/unsupervised, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Deep Learning and see examples of applications.

AI for bad (and Good)

AI is often depicted as an almighty tool that can be used for Good or bad. What are its limits? What is reality or fiction today? You will see how AI can be used for Good, and also how it could potentially be misused for manipulation, addiction or cyberwar.

We are happy to create new workshops or customize a workshop to address your needs. Let us know what you would like to hear about.

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